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Workshops at-a-Glance

Introduction to Budgeting

This workshop will cover the basics of setting up a weekly and monthly budget. The workshop will cover how to identify income and expenses, how to best track cash flow, how to identify wasteful spending, and additional savings strategies.

Basics of Credit Workshop

Having a hard time understanding credit and how it affects you? This workshop reviews the basics of reading a credit report and explains the credit score and scoring models.

Online Job Application Workshop

Learn the basics of how to fill out online applications and understand how employers will view your responses. You should already have a cover letter and resume to get the most out of this workshop.

Resume & Cover Letter Writing

Learn the basics of how to write a cover letter and resume. This workshop will go through all the steps, from choosing a format to what to include. Learn what employers are looking for when they read your cover letter / resume and what cover letter / resume format is best for your purposes.

Interviewing Techniques

In this interactive workshop, you will explore interviewing strategies, commonly asked questions, and unexpected challenges.

Banking Services

This workshop is designed to explain the basics of traditional banking. We explore the differences between commercial banks and credit unions, the differences between types of accounts and how credit is extended, how to open an account, and what additional services are available.

Avoiding Predatory Practices

This workshop will cover some of the predatory practices that can destroy your finances and credit, including but not limited to: payday loans, check cashing vendors, rent to own vendors, pre-paid debt/service cards, high interest loans, pawn shops and title-loan vendors, etc.

Basics of Taxes

This workshop will cover taxes and will include income taxes, property taxes, excise taxes, and social security taxes, and how they are interrelated. Time for questions and discussion will be available.

Filling out Employment Documents

This workshop will cover the basics of employment documentation such as the purpose and use of W-4s for tax withholding purposes. You will learn to read a W-2 and hear about tax implications.

Workshop topics are scheduled based on demand. If there is a particular topic that interests you, please contact us.