Roxbury Center for Financial Empowerment

The Roxbury Center for Financial Empowerment provides residents with the skills and resources to develop their future vision for economic empowerment and move towards personal financial success and wealth building. Residents can access combined services for creating a personal financial plan, developing a job strategy to increase earnings, and using all benefits residents are entitled to. Every participant must be motivated to work with a free personal financial coach over time to meet his or her goals and see the changes in their lives.

The Roxbury Center partners with expert service providers in the City such as vocational training and adult education basic education providers and key employers. All participants will be assigned a personalized financial coach and continually receive needed support as they work towards their financial goals.

Join us on Monday or Wednesday at 10:00 am for a free orientation session or come on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm. Visit the Roxbury Center’s Facebook page to learn more about upcoming events.

Location and Hours

7 Palmer Street, 2nd Floor
Roxbury, MA 02119


Monday – Thursday 9-5    Appointments and Computer/Resource Room

Friday  9-4  Computer/Resource Room

Appointments also available outside these hours by arrangement


Tel: 617.541.2671
Fax: 617.541.2660

Programs Offered

Financial Opportunity Center
Boston Tax Help Coalition


Alan Gentle, Director
David Damiani, Lead Financial Coach
Mattie Deed, Financial Coach
Jose Rodriguez, Financial Coach/Career Specialist
Edward Downs, Financial Coach/Career Specialist
Sharon Tulchinsky, Bridge to Hospitality Program Manager
Amarfi Sanchez, Outreach Coordinator