Each tax season, the Boston Tax Help Coalition provides free tax preparation at the Roxbury Center for individuals who earn $57,000 or less per year. This saves you money on fee-based tax services. Plus, the Coalition’s IRS-trained tax preparers work to ensure you can claim the maximum refund you may be due!

Just be sure to check the documents and information you’ll need on hand.

Victoria and Cynthia: Tax Buddies

For years, Victoria has been coming to the Roxbury Center for Financial Empowerment to get her taxes done for free. “Everybody’s friendly and nice,” she said. “It’s worth it!”

But Victoria’s not the type to keep a good thing secret. She started bringing her friend of nearly 30 years, Cynthia, to get her taxes done, too. After they got their taxes done (and Victoria netted a refund of over $1,000), the two ladies headed out the door to treat themselves to lunch.

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