Meet Indira

Indira joined the Mayor’s Office of Financial Empowerment (OFE) in late 2021 as its newest coach and has enjoyed her time serving Boston communities. Prior to joining our team, Indira worked as a Branch Manager at Marathon Staffing, where she worked with people coming from diverse backgrounds. With her history working alongside clients in need of financial and career guidance, she hopes to use her experience along with her passion to serve as a Financial Coach and Career Specialist at the Roxbury Center for Financial Empowerment.

Working at the Roxbury Center

Indira finds that her current position is a new frontier, allowing her to move beyond what she’s comfortable with to gain new skills. Although tough, she has come to appreciate the unconventional learning curve stemming from the hybrid nature of work undertaken early on in her career and hopes to continue learning and growing as she works with current and future clientele.

Hopes for the Future

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Indira has high hopes to become the best coach she can be, offering optimal assistance to the communities she is passionate about serving. The goals she hopes to achieve for the coming year are assisting her coaching clients cultivate healthy and sustainable financial habits and sharing stories of their success.

Something You Might Not Guess About Indira

Indira is an avid traveler, spending time traveling in North America, Europe, and Asia. She hopes to return to her travels as the pandemic comes to an end.

Indira can be described as compassionate, creative, and dedicated to outreach within her community. From a young age she observed her family providing for those that were experiencing food insecurity, which helped shape her desire to serve others, today, in her role as a financial coach.

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